The Project

‘Celebrity Philanthropy – Event Design’, is intended to be an event planning, brand and people management project to create awareness about Mewsic Foundation India and raise funds for the children to help them change their lives through the power of Music. The project was an initiative taken up after a clear understanding of the design sensibility, understanding the brand philosophy and the brand attributes of The Foundation which helped giving this event a concrete shape.

Creation of the brand visibility for the Foundation and awareness of Mewsic center kids was the main aim of the event, the execution of a fundraiser was at The Royal Western India Turf Club, Mumbai, an event for the members of Mahalaxami Racecourse. People management and brand management in sync with the process of incorporating with vendors, sponsors and different departments involved in the development and designing of this event.

Worked on above project as an intern with Innovaid Advisory Services.
Activities Handled – Event design, Visual communication, Brand management, People management, getting sponsors on board, pre-event & post event promotions, venue management, vendor management, designing of the collaterals and over-all co-ordination.