The Challenge

As a brand development & strategy firm, BlueLetter was retained to build & name the new collaborative training solution brand. The entity needed a fresh approach for brand development & building to reflect its mission.

There were number of distinct challenges, some were tactical in nature ­– such as how do you find a name & create a brand image that will translate well around the nation. Other challenges are more creative in nature, such as how build strategies & structure which will clearly signals the vision of the brand, and helps to tell that story and appeals to the management also. All these factors came into play, during the process.


While creating a name for the national marketplace, we often look to core Indian roots[mainly Sanskrit] because these tend to translate well around the country. Using this as the starting point, we explored hundreds of name candidates, conventions and combinations to support this positioning. The name Dishtayate simply combines “Dishta,” Sanskrit for “Goals” and “Yate,” which is again Sanskrit for “Proceed”.

Once Brand Identity was in place, we worked upon brand structure and strategic planning to launch it over digital platforms and creating campaigns which are conceptual yet very self-explanatory.

Strategic Planning helped us frame the programs for the company to offer PAN India and fast-tracked the co-collaboration process.

Creating brand from scratch helps tell the story of how it is about growing and leaning together and walking towards the goals in a collaborative environment.

Activities Handled: Brand Building, Strategic Planning, Brand Structure Development, Corporate Profiling, Brand Identity, Digital Marketing, Campaign Ideation/Conceptualisation and Execution, On-Ground Collaborations(in process)