The Challenge

Erke saw an opportunity to expand its customer base and the reach of its brand by extending creatively into social networking channel, Facebook. Critical was to showcase the high-quality experience that customers had come to expect from Erke shoes, without cannibalizing its existing sales channels i.e. E-commerce sales portal.


Analysed Erke's organizational strengths, product value, and competitive environment and recommended that Erke's initial Facebook efforts focus on its brand presence in the market and not on the brand/product values and qualities its offering. Looking upon to this approach, Erke agreed to engage with strategies which involved product presentation, brand values, brand presence around the nation and brand engagement with the audience. These efforts ranged from conceptualisation/visualisation of the graphics to Facebook execution strategies to engaging fans through active participation in the regular activities to creating strategies which involved convenience for the brand to manage distribution and sourcing inventory.Furthermore, created a set of detailed guidelines for Erke to use in building the appropriate online shopping experience, as well as an integrated communications plan that aimed to foster cross-channel loyalty i.e. directing the audience from Facebook page to the e-commerce portal of the brand.

Activities Handled: Marketing ideation, strategic plan development and online activity execution.