The Challenge

Katalyst(a katalystrity management organisation) was facing with a fundamental shift in the industry in terms of brand communication. The organization recognized that a renewed focus is required in terms of brand visibility and brand presence in the event industry and to showcase the traditional strength of the brand. After identifying the capabilities and opportunities, the organization embarked on capability building journey.


The ‘rules’ of the industry changed and it takes a different mindset to unlock different avenues and reveal new paths to grow the business. An review of organization capabilities, including identifying key capabilities for audience-centricity, clarified where the organization needs to focus its energies. A new segmentation was created where brand was aggressively involved in collaborations, reconnecting with the client base, one-on-one bases and through digital platforms as well, well managed pool of artist supply chain, regress activities and sponsorship by the brand to create a repetitive brand value infront of it's audience. These activities collectively worked as a focal point for the brand and thus continued the process as till date.

Worked on above activities as a brand communicator during my term with Katalyst Entertainment.