The Challenge

Parindey, as name suggests is an experiential educative wildlife tourism company; that teams with wildlife photographers communities, aim was to develop sustainable and effective education & tours towards Indian Wildlife in the market. Their operating model included multichannel approach for brand visibility that seeks to provide the audience with a seamless knowledge experience. Marketing support system for Parindey.Life helped in building brand strategy that mirrored not just what they provide but how they provide it, and more importantly what brand image it creates in the mind of people who is looking for a wilflife tour in India, as well as for brand collaborators. The challenge was to suggest a revitalized approach to the launch to win rapidly evolving category of the audience.


Parindey.Life, frame as an omni-channel educative wildlife tourism brand. Multi-disciplinary approach combined several types of rigorous audience research, creative ideation plans and classic visualisation towards brand identity and brand collaterals; to uncover insights that led to the definition of a compelling positioning strategy and clear brand personality. A breakthrough strategy of “educative wildlife experience” appealed to the intellectual target segment. After developing the positioning, a visual system was designed which talked about the brand step-by-step over the social media and range of marketing strategies were implemented to tell the brand story across a range of touchpoints & on-ground collaborations.