The Challenge

The Property Club needed to develop a unified brand positioning that would help it break away from industry conventions, and modernize without compromising tradition. The company also wanted to maintain the essence of trust and a long-standing core value.


We began by developing a brand purpose that would position The Property Club as truly understanding the personal and performance considerations that come with property investment & private wealth: “Simplifying the complex nature of investment process to further its potential.” We then crafted a set of brand values—Considerate Nature, Collaborative Spirit and Decisive Approach—to guide the behaviour of a club that revolves heavily around people. To reflect a balance between new perspectives and established wisdom, we developed the brand voice as Bright, Real and Worldly, and turned to the natural resources contained in the brand name (The Property Club) to design a refreshed visual system. Our design also made use of a simplified structures to echo ThePropertyClub’s ability to distill layers of complexity in the investment process.

Activities Handled: Brand Development, Marketing Ideation, Strategic Planning, Digital Presence & On-Ground Collaborations