The Project

RWC was born out of an idea to serve women empowerment amongst the women of Dehradun City. The community wanted to expand into the more upscale audience and corporate sectors, but it needed to unify all very different sections in the women society starting from home-makers to working entrepreneurs to college & school council students.

Without company-wide cohesion and a uniting purpose, the brand of Rajpur Women’s Club was based on little more than a logo. We found that RWC was offering their customers the access, assurance, and attention that they craved. Based on these strengths, we created a new brand platform & brand structure in respect for the things that mattered most to both RWC and its audiences. A corporate women community was born within RWC for young & upcoming entrepreneur women in town, along with that the community was collaborated with NIESBUD for further value and growth for the members.

To complete the transformation of RWC we created a comprehensive brand architecture and naming system to organize the new brand’s services in a way customers could clearly understand. We then brought the brand to life with a compelling visual system & brand profiling. With these key brand assets in place, we designed and launched the community amounst the target audience and employees articulate the new brand purpose and promise. Finally, we planned a training and launch strategy for both the internal and external rollouts of the new RWC brand—a critical step for right presentation.

Post brand structure and new brand identity development; fundraising for various on-ground activities was conducted, and funds of 5-lakhs were raised for the community from various corporates.

Proving that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts, Rajpur Women Club’s new brand rejuvenated its people, transformed its image and drove remarkable growth.

Activities Handled: Brand Building, Strategic Planning, Brand Structure Development, Corporate Profiling, Campaign Ideation/Conceptualisation and Execution, On-Ground Collaborations, Intellectual Property Fundraising