The Challenge

Indian Kashmiri Fabrics are massively popular across the globe and as a market, it is young, growing and very lucrative. SD Fabrics, a prestigious Kashmiri Fabrics Export organization and one of the leading manufacturers of the same in India, gave a chance to BlueLetter with their desire to elevate the status and visibility of the brand in Europe and US and increase the awareness about the rich quality and craftsmanship of Kashmiri Fabrics, globally.


Blueletter identified that SD Fabrics needed a brand platform to build its story on. By creating this platform on a brand purpose that is reflective of their commitment to domestic craftsmanship, as well as their desire to be a force for positive change, we developed a brand identity that will reflect the same and how there is a story behind each piece of fabric.

Moreover to convey the story further, an ecommerce website is designed and developed which is supported by strong SEO activity with an aim to promote the brand globally.

Product & image editing in addition is handled so as to maintain the visual aspect of the digital platform and will encourage more traffic on the website.

This graphic language and digital platform conveys their commitment to constant improvement and refinement of their high standards as a promoter and manufacturer of an authentic handicraft of the nation.

Activities Handled: Website Designing, Development & Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization, Graphics and Image Editing For Ecommerce.