The Project

We brought a 21-year-old internationally recognized festival into the digital age.

From its decades-long charge to enhance heritage art & culture to its everyday commitment to empower rural artisans, enhance cultural craft, promote youth and advance communities, REACH has united global leaders who seek to apply their expertise toward the betterment of the communities for more than 21 years now.

But despite its tremendous impact, its impressive contributions were not fully understood by the broader public. Recognizing that past success doesn’t ensure future success, REACH and BlueLetter started working together in 2015 to help simplify and amplify its overall brand’s and festival’s expression.

REACH was not effectively communicating its approach and impact in terms relevant to external audiences. The result was a complex story that obscured REACH’s breadth and depth of impact.

Our team focused first on amplifying the organization’s unique voice and developing a brand strategy that simplified REACH’s story and highlighted its value for the public. We then created a brand architecture framework that clearly signalled how anyone could engage with REACH & Virasat—join clubs, exchange ideas and take action. We also reimagined the visual identity that had come to represent REACH.

Our team also overhauled REACH’s(Virasat’s) digital presence, recognizing that the member and non-member digital experiences needed to be drastically simplified and dramatically amplified. To address this, we developed website an engaging experience for all. We ultimately positioned the organization to foster collaborations and participation.

With a new brand identity and digital presence providing the information that people need, whenever and wherever they need it, REACH & Virasat are now fully equipped for the digital age.

Activities Handled: Social Media Marketing, Brand Consultancy, Website Designing & Intellectual Property Fundraising(In-Process)